Hey there!  Here's my story to get to know a bit more about me..


Ever since I can remember I've been curious about exploring and understanding the world & the people in it. I always searched for answers on why people do what they do and how things work. Through my mother's passion for healthy living, I was also taught how what we eat can affect our life from a young age. Of course, all of that curiosity & interest didn't always go forward into practice when I was young though. When I first left home at 17, I spent many years throughout university and travelling filing my body with junk, alcohol, processed foods, unhealthy relationships to fill voids, toxic thoughts.. you name it. But I always knew there had to be a better, more happy way to live.

At 21, I took a one-way flight to Europe to study abroad in France, where I learned the power of being pushed out of your comfort zone. It wasn’t long after that when I came across the book, ‘You Can Heal Your Life’ by Louise Hay and so many things just started to click for me. I became obsessed with letting go of past hurt, improving myself, and creating a balanced life. Since then, I’ve developed strong (understatement) interests in holistic nutrition, meditation, natural healing, making changes & yoga. I’ve studied the subjects endlessly via books, workshops, classes, and online research. I've also fallen in love with learning more about these subjects in the countries I travel to since different cultures can bring so many new perspectives.

Today, I live in the small yet beautiful country of Luxembourg. Here, I am a digital marketing freelance consultant and 200-hr certified yoga teacher.

Antwerp beach

This site has been created to share my journey and learnings in hopes to inspire others through their own life. I've experienced first-hand how it feels to live unhappily, unhealthy, and disconnected from oneself. And I know how challenging and scary change can be, whether it's making a choice to fill your body with healthy foods or cleaning your mind up from thoughts of self-doubt that hold you back. It can definitely be a rollercoaster but this journey is made so much easier when you know you're not alone (and guess what, you’re totally not my friend). I've found that through self-love, nutrition, taking action towards the things you dream of, and being surrounded by inspiring people - you can create true bliss in life and this is what I wish for everyone.