Getting Over The Fear Of Doing

Some months ago, I started making videos for fun. I made them so that I could look back one day to see what I was thinking/discovering/doing at the time. In moments I also thought a lot about sharing them but for one reason or another always let fear get in the way. I used to think that once you continuously keep doing things our of your comfort zone then fear would just go away. I was so very wrong though. Even after moving abroad alone about 4 years ago and through all the things I've done, fear is still there every time. Thankfully, I've just been learning how to use it as my motivator rather than something that holds me back. 

I don't ignore it but rather sit with it, listen to it, & say thanks but no thanks. Even with this it still sometimes feels like a boulder pushing me back from not trying something. If we never try, we never know though so.. 

Welcome to my world of (oh so very) random ramblings about life and as I described in this video 'groundbreaking' discoveries!

With love,
♥ JJ