Trusting In The Journey


Oh, how shocked I was today when logging into the blog to see my last post was well over a month ago. It's crazy sometimes how quickly time can fly right past you! But getting focused on the now, I'm back and excited to share an update on all that's been happening these past months.

After leaving my last job and coming back from Chicago, I was on a mission to follow my heart and find work that I genuinely enjoyed doing. How hard can that be right? Well let me tell you it was much easier said than done. I was constantly having to work through a whole lot of internal resistance that brought up negative thoughts. While I trusted that things would work out if I just went for it, there was still that little voice that crept up saying silly things like 'what if I go broke', 'what if my loved ones disapprove', 'what if I end up on the streets'.. the list goes on. I must admit that those thoughts sound ridiculous even as I'm writing this now but at the time, the struggle was real. As silly as it may sound, I really had to just keep telling myself 'you CAN do this' several times a day just to push through the nonsense.

What I ended up doing is registering myself as an independent corporation and looking for work as a freelancer in the areas I'm passionate for. We never know if something is possible until we try, right? At that moment, I didn't actually know how I was actually going to make this all happen but step by step everything became figure-outable. After a lot of getting in touch with basically everyone I knew, I started projects with different entrepreneurs, small businesses, and then eventually a major fashion retail company. I help them each in the things I know best and love doing: digital strategy and creative direction.

I know it might sound like it was all easy and effortless. The truth is though that it all did just fall into place but the thing that it the most difficult was myself. I wasted so much time and energy in the beginning worrying and doubting that it made everything a struggle. At one point, I really just had to stop trying to control everything and drop the limiting beliefs. I had to learn how to trust in the journey, trust that the universe has my back, and trust in myself. 


Overall, this has honestly been one crazy ride with ups and plenty of side turns. I've had moments of intense can't-stop-smiling happiness to extreme fatigue from less than 4 hours of sleep for several nights to being in states of awe/confusion as to what am I even doing. 

What I've learned from this whole journey though is that while it does take effort to go for the things you want, it's always completely worth it. It's also as hard as you make it out to be. If you believe things are impossible, they're going to be. If you think things will work out for you and trust you'll find your way (even when you have no idea how), then that's exactly what will happen. I've been through both ends and the latter wins every time even if it takes a shift in thoughts to get there.

We each have our own internal struggles that hold us back from the things we want but the truth is that we have to just work through those thoughts by affirming to ourselves the thoughts we want to have instead. The real truth is that absolutely nothing is impossible. After all, everything we dream of is already here. It's just up to us to realize that we fully deserve it. 

Wishing you all a beautiful day | week | month | life of going for your dreams & not ever letting negative thoughts hold you back! ♥