Polish & American. While I was born in the USA, a lot of my childhood was also spent in Poland so luckily, I've been able to experience the best of both worlds.

Current Location

Antwerp, Belgium. Find out the details of how I ended up here


Chicago, USA. 

Where Lived Before

From latest to most recent: 

Chicago, Illinois. Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Rennes, France. Schmalkalden, Germany. Tarnów, Poland. Brussels, Belgium. Gent, Belgium. Dubai, UAE. Antwerp, Belgium. 


I currently work as a Freelance Digital Communications Consultant. You can see the things I've been working on recently here


You can call me a personal development junkie. If there's a book, audio, article, anything that will help me become better - I want it and so, a lot of my free time is spent in this. Otherwise, I can be found traveling, exploring new places, taking pictures of pretty buildings, or working on some sort of entrepreneurial passion project.


My biggest passion is coaching the millennial generation.. whether it's someone feeling like they don't belong or someone trying to achieve a certain goal, I love helping with it all. This is something that I've been drawn to since a young age and what I hope to do more of as time goes on. I'm definitely what you call a multi-passionate person though. Other things I love are digital marketing, writing, calligraphy, health, spirituality, and photography styling. 

Favorite Place(s)?

Portugal, Vietnam, & Oman. 

Favorite Food?

I have a slight obsession with fruits and veggies. And while I'm not a vegan, I really love the raw dishes. Plus they make my body feel amazing, win-win.

Also Belgian fries with Joppie sauce. Talk about heaven.

Top thing to do when exploring a new location?

Checking out the local food markets! Even if similar things are being sold, they are so different in every place and you can learn so much about the culture just from visiting these. Plus, you get to try all the exotic food, which is always a win.

10 Random Facts

I talk in my sleep (a lot). | I'm mesmerized by hot air balloons. | New notebooks get me overly excited. | While I still get a bit nervous before-hand, I have a big love for public speaking. | I was once in a rap music video. Obviously something to show the grandchildren. | I have a hard time doing nothing. | My floor is usually filled with colorful post-it notes of ideas and creative projects. | I will open a healthy juice & salad boutique in the future. | The simple things in life make me happiest. | Being on a plane during the day is my favorite place to be. It's also where I do the most dreaming & writing.


Did I miss anything? Just send me a message to & I'd be happy to answer!