Hey there! I'm Jessica.



This digital space has been created to inspire you on your own wellness journey. It is also here to give you helpful tools along your way. This site is all about a holistic approach to living life whether it be through the food you eat, how you move your body, or overall living. 

I'm always looking for more ways to improve what I do so if there's something you're looking for but can't find an answer, just get in touch with me!



Today, you can find an overload of information about what's healthy and what's not. I don't believe in diets, labels, or one set way of eating. I believe in eating and moving in the way that feels good for your body.

In my personal journey, I've found that I feel best when I don't eat gluten, dairy, sugar, or meat products. I've found delicious replacements for those and my recipes will reflect that. I encourage others to choose what's right for their bodies though to find their own version of healthy.


Born in Chicago with Polish roots, I have always been drawn to adventure and discovering life. At 17, I moved away from home for university seven hours way. In my final semester, I traveled to France to study abroad and little did I know then that I would still remain in Europe 6 years later.

I went on to travel to 24 countries and eventually made my way to Belgium to complete an an internship in Brussels and later a Masters degree in Gent for which I lived in Dubai for four months for in order to complete my final thesis project.

Afterwards, I went on to work for a software company, which eventually led me to start freelance consulting in digital marketing.

Although I loved this adventure, four years later I admitted to myself that something was missing. I longed for something more that deeply connected to me in which I can have a bigger impact onto others. During that time, I took one month off to do a yoga teacher training without ever having the initial intention of actually teaching. But once I got up in front of the class and taught for the first time, everything felt right and I knew I wanted to do it more.

Today, I live in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg where I consult companies in marketing for wellness projects, teach yoga to an array of clients including private individuals, group classes, teams, and corporations. I am also currently in the process of launching a new wellness brand.


Back in 2015, I started to feel my body slowly shutting down. All the positive, nonstop energy I once had started to deplete. I started to have problems with my memory, not being able to remember the simplest of things. I constantly felt tired, bloated, and heavy in my body. My mind felt foggy and I would have trouble to concentrate on just about everything. On top of it all, I felt extremely disconnected with myself. I couldn't understand what had happened to me, let alone how I can fix it. 

It was then that I went to get all my blood tests done, leaving me diagnosed with severe Candida overgrowth, Hashimoto, Lyme disease, and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Although fear came up when discovering this, I felt relieved to know what was going on so I could work through it. I went through several months of treatment and through it, I had to change the way I ate and lived if I wanted to get better. With this, I said goodbye to sugar, gluten, and dairy completely. I found it challenging to eat out or even eat in without getting bored by the food so I started to experiment. I wanted to create dishes that were healthy without compromising the taste and so I did. 

Slowly, I started to change my lifestyle overall too. I started diving deep into things like nutrition, wellness, meditation, yoga, and spirituality. And well, it didn't take me long to get completely hooked so I've continued to follow these interests ever since.

Today, I continue my journey learning & experiencing more each day. I'm happy to say I now live free of Lyme disease & Candida and manage the rest through diet and an overall healthy lifestyle.


My goal is to inspire you along your own journey. My biggest passion is people and I hope you can find your place here.



Bachelors of Science in Business Administration [Southeast Missouri State University]

Masters in Marketing Management [Vlerick Business School]

200-HR Yoga Certified (Vinyasa) [Yoga Works]

Additionally, I am a certified Louise Hay HYL teacher for which I give workshops in to help others reconnect with themselves. 


You can download my CV here.