I’m Jessica - a Polish American world traveler, positivity junkie, and above all dreamer. 

After graduating high school in 2008, I realized life had become just a tad bit too comfortable. I was living in my home town, constantly doing the same things so I decided it was time for a change. I choose a university 6 hours away on an adventure to start something new.

It wasn't too long until the same feeling came back though. I was living the usual college kid life - working part-time jobs, being involved in a sorority, and spending weekends partying and using the days after to laugh about the things that happened the night before. Don't get me wrong, I had amazing fun with wonderful people but after 3.5 years, I felt like I didn't know where my life was going. I couldn't even recognize who I was either, it seemed I had become the same as everyone around me in this mold of what I "should" be doing. I was told to get good grades, land a job in a successful company, find that perfect hubby, have kids.. you know the story. 

Problem was that this “ideal” path just wasn't for me. So, in my final year, I decided to buy a one-way ticket to France to study abroad. (goodbye normalcy!) 

Now, 3 years and travels to 18 countries later - I am still living in Europe, continuing my journey, and discovering this crazy, beautiful world we live in. You can find out just how I ended up in Belgium here. While this roller coaster adventure hasn't always been easy (and far from perfect), it definitely hasn't been boring and I wouldn't have it any other way. 

ThatPolishAmerican.com has been one of my dreams for quite some time now and finally it’s here. I will be documenting my adventures and all the magic along the way, hopefully inspiring you to start your own journey. I believe anyone can change their life to what they dream, it just takes a little push to go into the unknown.